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John Debo Galloway Papers


Correspondence, reports, photographs, and miscellaneous material, relating to various bridges, dams, water supply systems, and hydroelectric power…

Charles H. Lee Photograph Collection


Collection of 3 x 5.5-in. black-and-white photographic prints taken by Charles H. Lee, covering a wide range of water resources development projects…

Walter L. Huber Papers


Correspondence, reports, documents, data, and photographs, relating to dams, hydroelectric power installations, irrigation works, and municipal water…

Charles H. Lee Papers


Report, correspondence, documents, maps, photographs, clippings, etc., pertaining to projects in hydraulics, sanitation, irrigation, municipal water…

Joseph Barlow Lippincott Papers


Correspondence, reports, documents, news clippings, and several descriptive photograph albums, pertaining to projects on dams, reservoirs, aqueducts,…

Mono Lake Committee Collection


Records of the environmental organization the Mono Lake Committee (MLC) span the years 1919-1997, with the bulk of the material pertaining to the…

Walter L. Huber Photograph Collection


Photographs of dams, reservoirs, and other water-related structures in California (Photographs titled, dated, and numbered by Huber).

Charles Gilman Hyde Papers


Reports and papers on various aspects of sewerage, sewage treatment, groundwater and surface water pollution from municipal and industrial wastes,…

Sidney T. Harding Papers


Correspondence; technical reports on various aspects of irrigation; reports and surveys of specific irrigation projects throughout California, and in…

Thomas H. Means Papers


Correspondence and reports concerning the Colorado River and flooding in the Imperial Valley, the Hetch Hetchy Project, Los Angeles water supply, the…