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Original holographs of TR's first UCR commencement speech entitled "Remembrance and Will: Democracy and Excellence." Its theme is the ability to remember the experiences that have occurred as one journeys through life.

TR's commencement speech given at St. Philip's College at San Antonio, TX, focusing on realizing one's full potential with respect for humanity and the development of knowledge.

Original holographs of TR's commencement speech presented at Southwest Texas Junior College in 1972. The main message is the continued development of our lives through education.

TR's original manuscript of his commencement speech given at a high school entitled "A Quest for Values." It deals with the development of values as one continues in education, plus part of a speech given at a community college.

The original holographs of TR's commencement speech given to the University of Texas at San Antonio in 1982, on the development of an individual in the community.

The original draft of TR's commencement speech entitled "In Search of Community," presented at Southwest Texas Junior College in 1983, discussing the importance of community.

The original holographs of TR's presentation at the Gabriel Garc

TR's rough draft of a presentation on "The Tradition of American Literature," pointing out some characteristics of American literature throughout history.

Original outline of TR's manuscript on the Chicano movement in the early 1970's, and on the progressive awakening of the Chicano/Latino community. Include research on the presentation of "Chicano Literature: A Popular Manifesto."

TR's original outline on "Observaciones generales: cr
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